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Business Finance & Solutions

Case Study

Business Finance & Solutions

Power of success? Finding experts to your problems.


As experts in strategic and financial advices, their day to day activities are mostly consisting of matching clients with experts.

The people at BFS needed a system that would help automate that process of pairing an expert with a client.

Project scope

  • Odoo Enterprise integration
  • Odoo configuration
  • Custom modules development
  • Hosting & Maintenance


Automate matching

It's the main service that Business Finance & Solutions offers. A big part of this process could be automated.

Increase autonomy

It was very important for us to offer a solution that would work on long term.

Optimize business channels

Our client was waisting precious time with their previous solution because BFS had to adapt to their software and not the other way around.

Facilitate clients follow-up

Having a CRM for this type of business is mandatory, but to find a CRM which suits your needs is rare. We opted to upgrade Odoo's CRM for it to match with the required specifications.

Improved expert matching

Encoding experts

We have greatly improved the content of the recruitment forms.
By allowing the addition of skills grouped by categories, attachments, professional experiences, ...

Solid database

Thanks to the improved information gathered, the data on each expert are more relevant. This therefore reduces the risk of finding candidates who are poorly identified and who would be proposed for missions where they are not the most suitable.

Gathering client missions

In the same vein, we have also improved the forms completed by the client applicants for consultants.

Their choice of required skills has been greatly increased. This allows for more specialized requests and gives Business Finance & Solutions a better understanding of their needs.

Filtering algorithm

We have implemented a filtering algorithm for potential candidates that is automatically triggered when adding an expert or a customer request.

This algorithm takes into account the required skills, salary demands, extralegal benefits as well as the distance between the expert and his potential mission.

Scoring system

According to the criteria defined case by case by Business Finance & Solutions, the corresponding candidates are assigned a score by the algorithm and are ranked according to it.

Selecting candidates

The next step is to select potential candidates from this list and submit their records to the client.

At this stage, it's still possible to manually add experts who did not fit the criteria but who would be judged by Business Finance & Solutions to be competent.


We also took care of improving the follow-up of the different steps once a candidate is selected. In particular the interview process.

It's a match

This module allows Business Finance & Solutions to save time in each step and also increases the quality of the service they provide.

This was possible by customizing their Odoo so that it fits their needs. And not the opposite. We firmly believe that Odoo is a reliable and solid foundation on which we can adapt the standard to the unique needs of each company.

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