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Defmonk Red Velvet

One band. One concept. One experience.


Defmonk is a music band from Brussels. They play a style of music called "Belgian Groove" and they created a whole concept

For their new album, Red Velvet, they decided that they wanted to present each song as a character that would appear regularly on a painting

Project scope

  • Web development
  • Web design
  • UX design
  • Graphics integration
  • Hosting


Transform a strong concept

Tight budget

Musical experience

Sublimate their universe



The website only contains a few pages. The goal was to focus a maximum of time on the whole painting experience.

To offer a seamless experience, we decided to build the website on one block, which means there is only one loading.

arrière plan rougeBones, the undertaker

Working on the visual

For it to be a success, it was very important to stay true to their identity and graphic work

We decided to create a visual identity around their drawings. Our goal was to sublime their monochromatic universe. We opted for strong colors but in darker shades : Red & Green

All of the 15 characters had to be cleaned and digitized, since we had to incorporate them by layers, to respect the depth of the painting and to give a living aspect to the scene.

évolution du décor
From December 24th to January 26th, the characters appeared one by one.


We wanted to make the experience dynamic and easy to use. For this we made sure that the mural always takes the maximum vertical space available.

A horizontal scroll is triggered by the position of the mouse and allows the visitor to move in the image.

User experience
Music player

A campaign of regular publications has been set up on facebook.

The publications followed a precise pattern. A brief text gave the background of the character and an image allowed visitors to easily spot the new addition.

User experience was the biggest challenge related to making the mural. The visitor's journey on the site must be intuitive and directly understandable.

For this, we have set up a system of highlighting the character related to the music played. The user can also flash all the characters on the background if he clicks on the mural.

The music player has been made to be simple and intuitive. To increase the meaning between a song and a character, a thumbnail is present next to the song with the character's face.

In addition, the page focuses automatically on the active character.


This is where you can discover the height of Defmonk's universe. The gallery has a whole section for each songs with dialogs and background informations.



The complete experience is meant to be enjoyable on computer and also on smartphones

No compromise, the website adapts to the device.


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