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For their marriage in 2018, M. and J. wanted to make this event even more unique thanks to a mobile application.

Initially designed to handle invitations. This application has been improved with the ability to take photos and videos.
These photos were visible on a big screen during the evening.

The application also allows to submit and vote for songs.

Once the wedding was over, the application allowed people to view all the pictures taken and download the ones they wanted.

Project scope

  • Mobile app
  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Mailing
  • Hosting


Online invitations

It was necessary to allow the creation of custom invites, with the choice wheter or not to display information about the Church, the meal or the evening party.

Having a fun app

The goal being that the guests install it as soon as they arrive and take the opportunity to leave some nice memories.

Light and efficient design

Achieve an intuitive interface while giving a strong seal on the visual level.

Group all pictures

It was necessary to allow guests to view all the pictures in one place.

Key points

Setting the mood

Since it's a wedding, it seemed important to us to have a strong visual identity. That's why we did an animation at launch featuring the soon to be weds. They descend from a heart-shaped balloon into their car.


When opening invitations, the car drives along the road to reach the church. During the trip, practical informations such as time and address appears on screen.

Animation au lancement de l'app
Animation au lancement de l'app

Managing guests

Important phase before the wedding, the invitations are sometimes a complicated task to manage. Especially since they must be personalized.
Thanks to a simple icon set, our application makes it easy to give groups a particular type of invitation (Church, Meal, Party, .. .)


This admin panel also allows you to see who has already viewed the invitation and who has already responded.
In addition, it is possible to collect valuable information, such as the number of children, if people want to eat vegetarian, want to sleep nearby ...

Invitation Administration Panel

Mobile app

How to collect exceptional memories during the wedding? With this application available on mobile and computer, people can easily leave memories of photos or videos and stick a message on top. A voting platform for music is also present, allowing the DJ to ensure an atmosphere that will suit the spirit of the evening.


Subsequently, this application also allows to view all the photos of the marriages and download those wanted. By grouping photos into folders, it becomes easy to navigate.

Montage responsive
Montage responsive

Automated slideshow

The photo memories taken on the application comes directly to a dynamic slideshow page.


It updates continuously and displays up to 30 different pictures at the same time.

Slideshow (cycling between all in app pictures)


Memories sent
Downloadable pictures

Contact us if you wish to try out this app.


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