XSI Cross System Interface

Cross System Interface

Hosting & Maintenance

Peace of mind

Hosting your app or website on our servers gives you peace of mind and let's you focus on your business.

What we offer


We host your apps and websites on high end servers. They are equiped with new generation SSD to improve loading time.


We take care of setting up any modules or softwares needed for your project.

Hardware updates

We often renew our servers. You get access to the best performances money can buy.

System and software updates

We keep our systems up to date. Your services stay secure and stable.

Automated backups

Your data are backed up on a daily basis.


Thanks to a strict security policy, DDoS protection and secure domains, your project is safe with us.

SSL Certificates

All our services come with an SSL certificate. Communications between your customers and our service are encrypted end-to-end. This impacts positively your SEO, the trust of your customers and their confidentiality.

Incident Management & Monitoring

Our tools inform us in real time in case of technical incident. This allows us to fix issues fast.


Our services are insured against computer attacks and failures.


XSI protects your data and those of your customers in accordance with European regulations (GDPR, Cookie Law, ...)

Let's talk

Do you have any questions? Would you like to talk about your project?
Don't hesitate to contact us.


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