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Cross System Interface

Web Development

Open your business to the world

Web presence is now a must for any successful business. We can help build your image on the web.

Be visible

Put your business under spotlight with search engine optimization.


A well tought website gives instant credibility to your activity.


Websites are a very good way to engage and build customer loyalty.

Make your website evolves with you

A custom website needs a personalized follow-up. We accompany you step by step in the evolution of your activity.

Showcase website

Are you in a start-up, a SME, or a communication manager for your company? It is mandatory to have a presence on the web.


With more than 15.000 e-commerces in Belgium, selling online is growing everyday. More than one on two Belgians already bought goods on the internet.
We develop e-commerce websites based on your needs and true to your identity and to the products you sell.

Web Applications

The web has no boundaries. It is accessible from anywhere. Take advantage of it to offer your own application for your customers. Offering a memorable experience will ensure that you achieve a high customer loyalty.

Your mock-up in less than a week

Do you have any questions? Would you like to talk about your project?
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XSI, Specialized in the interconnection of services

Reporting Tools
Applications & ERP
Content Management
Social Networks
Connected Devices
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Reporting Tools

Detailled reporting

XSI builds reporting tools that works hand in hand with your other applications, such as google analytics or any others.

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Applications & ERP


Are you already using an ERP but it's not fitting well with your business needs? XSI adapts to your solution and improves it.


Our system lets you access and connect to a full library of already existing applications.

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Content Management


Some project with dynamic content will require a CMS (Content Management System). XSI creates lightweight CMS solutions and can also implements well known CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, ...

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Social Networks

Consolidate your communication

By linking your social networks and your website you can achieve great results. It becomes very easy to see what works and what doesn't.

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Connected Devices

Graphic Interface

We develop interfaces capable of managing remote devices.

Dynamic Follow-up

By using API's we let you monitor your devices anywhere.

Adapts to any screen. Ready to use for any user.

Step by step

Every new project stars with a blank page. We concieve your website from A to Z.

With your identity

We offer personalized services, as such we will craft the visual identity that defines you and your business today.

Responsive design

Your site adapts to the size and type of screen of your visitor.

Boost results

Using web's best practices, your website will quickly help you grow.

Search Engine Optimization

Strong SEO makes you appear on top in search results.

Boost your traffic

Pleasant visitor experience helps you boost your ranking on search engines.

Be on the first page

90% of searches leads in a click on the first page of results.

social network platforms

Shares on social platforms impacts strongly your SEO. We can help craft a content strategy.

Analyze your results

We help you use tools such as Google Analytics to monitor your results.

Create opportunity

Good SEO helps you dominate your market.

Think long term

SEO is not magical, it takes time and pays off on the long term.

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Do you have any questions? Would you like to talk about your project?
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